Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Friday, May 15, 2009

New ADHD Medicine

For all the parents out there with a child that has severe ADHD & mood disorder, let me tell you about our "miracle" pill.
We have tried Both sides of the ADHD medication families (anti-psychotics & seizure). We tried the anti-psychotics first, all of which made his temperament even worse than it was. We switched to the seizure side with Risperdol. The Risperdol was awesome, but made his blood pressure skyrocket. We had to take him off for a full 2 weeks before we could put him on anything. We went back to the anti-psychotics, but added a mood stabilizer. This seemed to work well enough, but nothing like the Risperdol. After maxing out on that med. we had an appointment to talk to the doctor. We switched to a new medication that has been approved for ADHD...Vyvance. Can I just tell you that while he was getting better behavior wise with the 1-2-3 Magic system we had been using, we could tell an immediate difference in not just his ability to focus but also his temperament. I feel like I just might get my boy back!!! This is the list that we have tried in out fight against ADHD & mood disorder...some just flat out didn't work, while others made him a monster or cause medical problems like the blood pressure:

Focalin XR

Why do I list all the med's since we started March 2008? My point is that you are your child's only voice. You know them best. It is a rough road sometimes to finding the right medication or combination of medications, but DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Give each medication about 2 weeks to really note and see if it is making a difference at all, good or bad. Keep contact with the Dr. Be honest with them. If you find something that is working even slightly, do not knock it until you have maxed it out. This way you can honestly say that it was a failure. Be vigilant in educating yourself on any possible side affects and what to look for. Also, if your child has a mood disorder some medications may make it worse, or they will be ok in small doses, but once you increase that it may at that time cause the mood disorder to heighten.

In a nut shell, just be aware and don't be afraid to speak up. I sometimes felt like the Dr. was going to think I was crazy. Please, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Awesome After School Snack

Ok, so what kid doesn't like chocolate??  
Check out this healthy snack, that is quick and easy to make.

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6. Chocolate-Banana Tortillas

Mother's Day!!

My mother's day was peaceful.  One of my boys was at my ex's house for the weekend (the other wanted to be with me).  We cleaned up a bit, and went to the pool, which wipes us totally out.  After that we came home and made lunch.  We relaxed until we left to get his brother.  Sorry, not too much else to report.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies!!  

I hope that you all had a wonderful day with your children.

Long awaited medical update!

I know it has been some time since my last medical mystery update, so here it goes...
The results of the excisional biopsy (removal) of my lymph node are that no non-Hodgkin's or leukemia exist, but that basically they are inflamed. I was referred to an Infectious Disease Specialist to see if we can determine the cause of the numerous swollen lymph nodes.

Our first appointment was a consult of family history and symptoms. He ordered blood work for a number of different things, as well ordered some testing on the tissue taken during the surgery. He also put me on 2 antibiotics for 10 and 20 days (which I found out at the next appointment he had written dosage and duration wrong on the Rx).

Our next appointment was to review the test results. They showed nothing out of the ordinary other than I have a high rheumatoid arthritis level (I have no symptoms of this new finding). He looked at me and my results, and told me I look fine and that there was nothing he could do. He referred me to an ENT. I am so glad I spent $100 on him and missed paid time from work. NOT!

I went to see the ENT, and summed up my past few months for him. He looked at me and my test results, then looked down my throat with a scope. He told me that I looked fine and that if I was concerned at what he believed to be nothing then he would order a barium swallow, and wrote an Rx for muscle relaxers. I contemplated this barium swallow, and took in all the tests I had already endured...I have come to the conclusion that I am not taking muscle relaxers, and I am not doing the barium swallow.

At this point I feel like whatever is ailing me will have to get to a point that new symptoms occur. At that point maybe someone on gods green earth will have a defining opinion other than you "look" fine to me. I still feel like my airway is compromised much of the time, still have the other swollen lymph nodes, still feel drained, still occasionally have night sweats, still am losing hair, still get "dizzy"... I guess I may never know. So anyone else out there who has had or knows someone who has had similar symptoms, clue me in!

That is all I have for now...other than about $4k in medical bills my insurance did not cover.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

31 Days of Giveaways


Check out these awesoem givaways from Parenting Magazine. Who knows what the odds really are of winning, as in any sweep, but what is there to lose?

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Adam Lambert - Mad World


Click the link to see ADAM LAMBERT singing "Mad World".

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